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Uyuni Salt Lake | The World's Biggest Salt Desert

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uyuni bolivia
South East of Bolivia is the location of the biggest Salt Flat in the world, "Uyuni Salt Flat". The crust of salt covers a surface of 10.582 Km2. of extension, at an altittude of 3.653 meters above sea level, like a static sea touched by by the southern winds.

This semidesertic region, of volcanic lands encloses in its interior natural resources of extraordinary beauty united by a surprising characteristic: the color. The Uyuni Salt Flat and the Heavenly, Yellow, Green, and Red lakes are its better exponents. These names are given because the different tones they exhibit due to the algae that contain each one, like the phitoplankton (dunaliella algae) as the movement of the wind and the specific time of the day.

Complementary there are geysers, rocky formations and volcanic peaks that makes you feel you are living in the earth formation era. Along the way you will also be able to observe populations with different traditions and customs of quechua groups living in the flat Altoandino and semi dry floor.

The nomination of Macchu Picchu and Christ the Reedemer as New Wonders of the World, have directed tourist attention into South America. For this reason, other beautiful places in this part of the world are also trying to promote its tourist attractions.
uyuni salt bolivia

In a world where the time flies, where people are required to work on a fast speed and stress is more and more common in humans, the choice of where to go gives now priority to places that offered silence and tranquility. In Bolivia, near the border with Chile, there is a small community where the main economic activities apart from llama-herding and quinua-farming, is mining salt. Uyuni Salt Lake is a peculiar place. About 40,000 years ago, this arid area used to be part of a lake that covered a large swath of the Andes. Nowadays it is The World's Biggest Salt Desert.

Like any other desert, the weather conditions in Uyuni Bolivia are extreme, from freezing night temperatures to fierce desert sun. In the Salar itself, you can find several hotels which have been made from salt bricks, including beds, chairs and cocktail bars. All is made from salt!

Furthermore, the Salar de Uyuni has impressive views. A flat whiteness, fringed by the peaks of mountains on the horizon beneath a bright blue sky can be admired by tourists. Besides, the silence that one can experience in this region is captivating. Calm and tranquility, not easily found anywhere, characterizes this landscape. As many other parts of South America, this developing area has very little to offer in terms of commodity. However, if you have an adventurous spirit you will be overwhelmed by its natural beauty.
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